GSNEO Astronomy

Girl Scouts North East Ohio Astronomy Club


Interested in Astronomy?

So are we!


Girl Scouts of North East Ohio invites all girls cadette level and up and adult members to join us in learning about thr night sky! Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered how many stars there were? Have you ever wondered what the names of those stars were? Ever wanted to learn more?


The GSNEO Astronomy program will teach you about all this and more! You'll even get to use a high-tech telescope and see up close every star you've ever wanted to and then some! You'll be with others just as interested in astronomy as you are, and have fun exploring the night sky. Planets. Stars. Galaxies. They're all there waiting to be discovered by you!


Current programs are available at


Interested in learning how to become a facilitator with our council?  Just contact us for more information.